After months of incessant and fervent prayers, leadership training and strategic planning, this local body of Christ came to be known and recognized as Bethel Bible Fellowship Church, in November 2012, Fort Myers, Florida.  As a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness, Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 marks the beginning of BBFC’s public ministry.


OUR vision

Discipling people for a committed, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and one another.

Being a multi-cultural Christian fellowship church committed to discipling people to relationally commit to Christ and fellow believers through Christian education, fellowship, worship, and evangelism that outreaches our unchurched friends and people in the Fort Myers and surrounding areas and the world at large.

OUR motto

Discipleship, Commitment, Service


BBFC is a denominationally-unaffiliated congregation for the purpose of being unhindered by restrictions and decisions of other churches or denominations that would determine our doctrine, belief, ministry, and message.  Under the lordship of Jesus Christ, BBFC shall draw from the Bible the principles that determine our beliefs and practices.